daycruiser s

Short summary:

An environmental friendly alternative for the future!

Proof of Concept

NODIN-Innovation is working on a proof of concept with state of the art components to demonstarte an electric daycruiser.

Our solution will present a complete system consisting of:

  1. A custom made BLDC (Brush Less DC) motor with electronic speed and direction controller
  2. State-of-the-art battery-pack utilizing Polymer Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) chemistry
  3. Ultra compact turbine engine driven range extender



winch s

Short summary:

For a seismic customer we have developed a special winch where weight, corrosion resistance, long lifespan and reliability were critical demands.

The project started with spesifications, engineering, development of a prototype, testing and optimalizing before serial production.

Our solution consists of a DC-motor driving both an internal and external gear solution to achieve the correct gear-ratio. Furthermore, it has been used corrosion resistant materials such as AISI 316, Super-Duplex, aluminium-bronze, POM and epoxy-laminated glassfiber in the construction.

The whole construction is design with the help of Autodesk Inventor and FEM/FEA analyses have been run in ANSYS DesignSpace.