NODIN-Innovation AS news page:

17.10.14: NODIN-Innovation AS releases web-page!
Unfortunately it has taken a while longer than planned, but now we’re finally online. We hope we now have a dynamic and great site that illustrates both what we’re doing and which services we can offer!

22.10.13: NODIN-Innovation AS changes company name!
Engbo Innovation AS changed name the 22nd of October 2013 to NODIN-Innovation AS. NODIN stands for NOrwegian Development and INnovation.

01.10.13: NODIN-Innovation AS moves into our own building!
1st of October 2013 we moved into “B13″ (Bjellandveien 13…), situated right outside the city-centre of Tønsberg.

Build year 1997, area/plot is a total of 3.500m2 and the building is 930m2